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Rising College Females Discuss the Impact of the Idaho College Murder Case

Upon the recent murder case of the four University of Idaho students and other recent murders, it has left rising college females unsettled. 

“It is a very unsettling case and very sad, but I think I’ve chosen a very safe college and I know I will be very safe and feel at home,” senior Kendall Lance said. “Bad things can happen anywhere, but I think that this case is a good example for how to keep yourself safe and what to look out for if possible.”

Lance recognizes that as a new, female student she will be exposed to more danger than before. Although it is a high chance, she is confident in herself and those she surrounds herself with to ensure her safety.

“I definitely feel as a young female going to college next year three and a half hours away from home that I will be exposed to more dangerous things, because there is less supervision and a lot of people lose their morals as they go on to college,” Lance said. “ Although I know there will be more chances for me to be unsafe, I also know that I have good judgment and a lot of people around me to keep me safe and help me to feel safe. I also know that I will never put myself in a dangerous situation and that people around me would never let that happen to me either.”

Safety is vital no matter who or where you are, but it can be necessary to take it extra seriously if you are a soon to be college freshman going off on your own. Senior Mariah Searles set a general plan to ensure she is better prepared for any sudden dangerous situations.

“When I go off to college I have a few plans set in place. For example, if I am walking somewhere at night I will make sure I have someone with me,” Searles said. “I am also going to carry some type of self defense weapon, whether it’s a taser, pepper spray, etc. I am also going to make sure to always be aware of my surroundings and report any incidents that make me uncomfortable to the police.”

TikTok may seem like just a silly social media app, but there are actually serveral videos out there with self defense tips, awareness and even videos to help you out in a dangerous situation. Many parents also pass down important things to keep in mind when ensuring your safety and actions to help do so.

“Some tactics that I use to ensure my own safety are calling someone or pretending to call someone. If I feel unsafe, I usually like to call someone because it helps partially calm my nerves and it helps me remember that if anything happens there is someone that heard it,” Searles said. “Other tactics that I use are sharing my location with others, carrying something that I can defend myself with, whether that be my water bottle, keys, etc, and I also ask someone to walk me to my car or wherever I’m going if I feel really uncomfortable. I also check around my car for anything different and once I get in my car I immediately lock it and make sure nothing is out of the ordinary. I mainly learned these tactics from tiktok videos and my parents.”

In today’s day and age it is easy to find yourself in a dangerous situation especially when you are alone. The reactions people have and the actions they take in the situation ultimately determine the outcome. Senior Hannah Hellmann is thankful she had friends nearby during the uncomfortable situation she found herself in.


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