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Biology Teacher Amber Kimbrell draws her students eyes to the board a she tells them the plan for the days lesson.

Biology Teacher Wins National Award

Crimson Crier: When and where will the national conference be held? 

Amber Kimbrell: “It is going to be in Indianapolis, Indiana and it is Nov.9-13.”

CC: What organization granted you the award?

K: “The National Association of Biology Teachers.”

CC:  Explain the qualifications you had to meet before earning your award.

K: “You have to be a classroom teacher for about three years and there is an application process.”

CC: Explain what you will be doing at the national conference.

K: “So the conference will have a luncheon where all the state honors are given their awards and it is also the National Biology Teachers Association Conference so I will be learning more things about how to teach biology and how to incorporate new lessons into my classes.”

CC: Explain why you think you were chosen to win this award.

K: “For this award I had to submit a resume, a lesson plan, a video of me teaching the lesson, letters of recommendation and an application. From the feedback I got it is my interaction with students and my ability to ask higher level thinking questions.”

CC: How do you become nominated for this award?

K: “Anyone can nominate you whether it is a member of the Alabama chapter of the National Association of Biology Teachers or any other biology teacher.”

CC: Describe the teaching techniques you implement in the classroom?

K: “Mostly student centered work where I want them to struggle with a topic before I come in there and ‘save the day’ if you will. We do labs, hands-on activities, inquiry based questions, lots of practice for the AP exam.”

CC:  How do you think you stand out from other biology teachers?

K: “I think I have a really open student centered classroom. I think students feel welcome and also want to work with each other. I have a varied group focused environment.”

CC: What thoughts, emotions, or feelings did you have when hearing the news of this great accomplishment?

K:I was super excited. This was actually my second or third time to apply. I have been nominated in the past but I had not done the application process. Last year I did not get it and I was really bummed but this year I got it.”


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