Lela Rasmussen

Changes To Prom Bring Exciting Experience

The prom is an annual event, however, this year, there are a few firsts.

The date for the prom has been set for April 25 at the Athletic Club Alabama. This is the first time in over 20 years that the prom has been scheduled for April.

“We’re trying to have prom and be finished with prom before AP testing starts,” prom committee sponsor Ashly Johnston said.

Also, for the first time, seniors have been chosen to be on the prom committee, a position usually reserved for juniors only. This way, students who have been on the committee have a chance to take part in it again to provide assistance for the juniors creating prom.

“It’s tradition for the juniors to essentially throw the prom for the seniors,” Johnston said. “That’s kind of their gift to their outgoing seniors so in the hopes that when they’re seniors, the juniors will do the same for them.”

The theme vintage circus was put into consideration last year, voted this year by the prom committee. To give the night a circus feel, the committee has several plans- live performances and themed foods including cotton candy and funnel cake.

Prom tickets are 50 dollars and will raise to 60 dollars at the end of February. Profit made from prom tickets go toward perfecting the night with decorations, a DJ, venue, a photo booth and security. 

“There are a lot of fees associated with prom that people don’t really think about,” Johnston said.

Prom is one of the last formal nights that seniors get to participate in. It allows both juniors and seniors to celebrate the end of a successful year as well as the end of seniors’ high school careers.

“Prom is, like, for me, it’s one of the last nights of freedom with my friends before college,” senior Lela Rasmussen said. “I get to dress up and go and have fun with them and not care about anything else for a little bit.”

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