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Two weeks ago, the faculty was informed that AO period would be mandatory for students who are struggling in core classes.

Administration Makes AO Mandatory for Students Who Need Academic Help

With modernized cafeteria furniture, a new track and field and a revamp of the library it’s obvious the school is headed in a new direction.

The desire for change has become apparent among the halls of our school. Along with these visual improvements the administrators have made sure they are starting to look more at the educational foundation of our school. From teachers getting Google certified to the new policy for academic opportunity all aspects are being covered. 

“This is something we as teachers have been looking forward to for a long time, the opportunity for students to take some ownership when it comes to their grades and really have interactive time with their teachers,” English teacher Evan Carter said.

This new policy gives failing students with a D or an F in a class the chance to come to the class they are failing, make up work, get extra help and really have a one-on-one opportunity to interact with their teacher. 

“Throughout the school day their isn’t always the time allowed for teachers to meet with every student, now that the hours allow it with only four lunches we now have a scheduled time to meet with the students that both need and want it,” Carter said. 

Questions do arise such as, what about the students that are failing more than one class, or the students that are unwilling to put the effort to try and raise their grades? Everyone continues to attempt to solve all issues for a majority of students, this might be the best for a large portion of students. They believe they have to their best abilities found a solution that fits the need of the student body.

“I don’t think there is a perfect answer for how school is set up for helping all students, but I do see the temptation of this mandatory AO to encourage students,” journalism adviser Erin Coggins said. “I am sure administration will ask for feedback from teachers on how they feel about the progress and effect this has. This will lead to the fine-tuning of this idea in order to find the most efficient way to go.


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