Christmas Program Spreads Holiday Cheer To Youth

December 5, 2018

Things that take place in Gym 1 throughout the year: basketball games, volleyball matches, cheer competitions, screaming fans, excited coaches, sweaty players and hundreds of screaming kindergarteners.

While all of these have a common home, one of them stands out from the others.

Each year, every kindergartener from the feeder schools takes a field trip to Gym 1 and sees Santa Claus, listens to Christmas carols and cheers with the Varsity Cheer Team. While this may seem like a small event to high schoolers, the excitement and joy of these 5-year-olds shows greatly.

“My favorite part was seeing all of the kids and seeing the excitement on their faces,” senior Hope Keys (Mrs.Claus) said. “When they see you all dressed up they don’t see you as a person, they see you as the character you are.”

From SGA to Choir to the Dance team, multiple programs came together in order to make the day special for each elementary school. Each class received free candy canes and sat alongside elves and reindeer from the North Pole.

“SGA coordinates and makes the agenda for the program,” Ashly Johnston said. “It’s a tradition and some of the cheerleaders and dancers we have today came to this program when they were kindergarteners and all the teachers and kids from the feeder schools love it and we love it too.”

SGA and the Theater program both read stories to the children and a skit was performed during the reading of “Elf on the Shelf”. The actors were interactive with the children and tried to make the kids feel as if they were seeing real elves from the North Pole.

“I asked my mom if she could pick up a Santa pajama suit and I bothered the book from a friend of mine so a lot of group work was put into pulling it off,” junior Amy Stuchlik said. “I loved seeing all of their happy faces when I announced what we were going to read.”

As a member of the Theater program, Stuchlik performs for an older audience in most situations. With most of the attendees being under the age of 6, she was able to experience something very different.

“They were really responsive to everything we did and were really excited the entire time,” Stuchlik said, “It was awesome having people cheer you on just because you were reading.”

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