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Voting Opens Right Of Passage To First Time Voters

November 8, 2018

For teens across the United States voting for the first time is a right of passage. Some teens are nervous, others proud simply to voice their opinions.

“I was excited. Everyone in my family thought I’d be nervous, but I wasn’t.” senior Emma Rourk


Rourk voted before school on Nov. 6 during the two-hour delay. Voting was a lot less daunting than she thought it would be. The ballots were not small like they are in many movies, but there were other things that she was not prepared for.

“It was different than I thought it would be in a lot of aspects,” Rourk said  “I thought it would be like standardized testing where you can’t talk to anyone the whole time but my mom would lean over and go “what are you voting for” and I was like “ I’m not supposed to talk, am I?” and like everyone was talking.”

Senior Jackson Kiger also went to his polling place during the two-hour delay. It was an opportunity to participate in politics and do his job as an American citizen.

“It was exciting. I could hardly contain my excitement. Everyone around me looked so sad and morbid; it looked like a Great Depression Breadline, not going to lie. Filling out the ballot was fun,” Kiger said.

Everyone has a reason they vote. For Kiger, Rourk and senior Zach Kelly the reason was simple, civic duty.

“It was nice to get my opinion out because even when a lot of people are voting, one vote might not matter, but it adds up,” Kelly said.

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