FCCLA Hosts Breast Cancer Walk To Raise Funds, Awareness

November 5, 2018

On Oct. 31, FCCLA hosted the annual breast cancer walk to honor breast cancer survivors, raise awareness about breast cancer and to help further research on how to cure this disease in the community.

“I am here in support of breast cancer research. The money goes towards the treatment of cancer in our community,” FCCLA sponsor Misshella Ryans said.

The club sponsored a competition between classes in order to get students involved in the event as well as raise funds to donate to the Liz Hurley Breast Cancer fund. Teachers were asked to collect change in their third period classes.

“The classes competed against each other to win a pizza party. The teachers had to bring the money that they raised when they brought  their classes out to walk the track for the event,” Ryans said. “We raised 1,788 dollars.”

While at the walk, students had the opportunity to play a ring toss for a soda and pie a teacher in the face. Both of these events cost $1to participate.

“I had a lot of fun throwing the rings. It filled me with joy and excitement,” senior Trip Carpenter said

For senior Jaavon Scott, the walk meant more to her than raising funds and getting out of class. Her mother has battled breast cancer.

“Breast Cancer runs in my family. My mom almost had breast cancer a couple times so it touched really close to home because I could possibly have breast cancer one day. So you know it’s nice to bring awareness to it,” Scott said.


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