Sparkman High School

New Choir Teacher Takes On Legacy With Bravery

September 19, 2018

After the resignation of choir teacher, David Giambrone, the program was left with a substitute for one month before a replacement was found. The new choir teacher has come to keep the program alive and thriving.

Caitlin Torrence joined the staff a few weeks ago. She has taken on the legacy of the choir program with bravery. Choir students have always been enthusiastic about the program and have shown excitement about their new teacher because she has shown a lot of energy in planning to improve the program.

“We are going to do all kinds of concerts and learn music from all genres and time periods,” Torrence said.  “I just hope I can cultivate the students’ love for music and make it into something bigger so they can take what they learn in my class beyond Sparkman.”

Along with the challenges of choir, Torrence will also be taking on the difficulties of theater. The choir teacher always helps the theater students with the big musical production. This year, the drama department will be collaborating with Torrence in order to perfect the students’ musical numbers.

“This will be my first musical to direct the music for,” Torrence said. “That is going to be very exciting for me.”

As she deals with the problems the program will face, Torrence is also having to take on the difficulties of adjusting to a new school after the school year had started. She says the school has been very welcoming to her as a new member of staff.

“I think the students are very well behaved and really hard workers,” Torrence said. “The teachers have been really kind to me.”

Her main goal is to encourage a love for music among her students. There is a new opportunity for students to form a relationship with their teacher as they bond over music.

“The students already have a desire to learn music and a desire to sing,” Torrence said. “We  are just going to work on building the program up in the future.”


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