Drama Students Perform Music-Based Production

September 19, 2018

Drama students recently held a production called Joseph and His Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. The play is about the bible story of Joseph, but what makes it interesting is that it is all set to music. There is no conversation, no dialogue. It is different types of music all put together into one story of Joseph.

Most actors can say that they get a little anxious before or during a performance. Being nervous can interfere with how well an actor performs, but that is not the case for all of the actors. Some might feel comfortable on stage because of their practice time off stage.

“About this show, not really.” senior Matthew Richards said. “The show’s been a very fun, very exciting experience. One of my favorites so far. Everyone felt like they knew what they were doing.”

The cast of the show work skillfully and well together. Their chemistry on stage is good and they all get along. They are all very kind to each other. There was no excess work or team bonding needed for the cast to perform great as a group.

“Everyone was super easy to work with. Everyone’s really nice.” senior Chris Ahlf said. “All the brothers are so easy to get along with and even like we have like a few guards, they’re super cool. All the wives are very nice.”

Preparation for a show of this type took up a lot of time in the day for the students to perfect their craft. There was a lot of necessary repetition for the cast to know their lines and where they need to be.

“We prepared by having at least three rehearsals a week. If it was a weekday they would go from the hours of five to 10 pm. One time we were scheduled for a thirteen-hour rehearsal from nine to 10.” Richards said.

Happiness is often felt after the first show is performed. The actors got their first show out of the way and if done well they often feel good about it and themselves. Performing the first show for the first time in front of an audience is a precious moment for the actors, but once everything is over it’s a sad feeling because all the fun and time spent bonding is finished.

“I was really sad that it ended because it was like one of my favorite casts that I’ve ever worked with.” junior Sarah Schomburg said. “Even though it was a small cast like there’s no drama ever, and everybody likes each other and everybody had fun.”

Acting can be an escape for those who do it. It can give you the freedom to be who want and become someone completely different. Not many activities allow that sort of freedom and gateway for people mentally and physically.

“I just like that fact that I can be anything,” Ahlf said. “Like you can be in Biblical times, you could be hanging out with a crazy family that owns some freaky house in the middle of New York. There’s no limit the potential of what you can be in theater and that’s just what I love about it.”


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