Senior Airman Areca Wilson

Vaccination Prevents Deadly Disease

August 31, 2018

The influenza vaccine has been given to students all around the world for decades and to students here at school for more than 17 years. Without a flu shot, there could be deadly consequences.

The flu has taken the lives of more people than society realizes. Not only is it a fatal virus, but it can also have very painful effects. Symptoms include pain in the muscles, chest pressure, head congestion, sweating, and fatigue.

“It’s important to get the flu shot is to protect the young and the old because when they get the flu it could be deadly for them.” nurse Murray said.”

After a shot is administered, it can take up to two weeks to begin to work. This means the body is still unprotected during this time and can be infected with influenza.

“You do not get the flu from the flu shot,” Murray said. “Your body may not form the antibodies and if it’s been within that two-week time frame, you’ve been exposed to flu then you can still end up with the flu shot. That’s why people say they got the flu from the flu shot, but they were actually exposed to the flu before.”

The antibodies may not form for some, but the shot is still given to do so.

“Your body creates antibodies,” Murray said. “So if you do get exposed to the flu it goes to fight it. You might run a fever afterward.”

With hundreds of students at the school, not every student is going to get the vaccine. Only about 90 to 100 got it last year. These students could have gotten their shots at their doctor’s office or even Walgreens. A free clinic is coming to Sparkman to give out the shot.

“They’re coming out to give the kids the flu shot,” Nurse Collier-Wright said. “that makes it available for the kids and the parents don’t have to actually take off work. That means that more kids are vaccinated.”


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