School Awaits Improvements From Capitol Plan

August 8, 2018

Light has been found at the end of the tunnel for the debate that lasted half a decade in the Sparkman Monrovia community. Since its funding in April, the Capital Plan has begun to take effect throughout the district with improvements and additions to school safety, however, safety is just the tip of the iceberg.

The steps between implementation and ribbon cutting are occurring on campus. Whereas the student body, faculty, school board officials and the community await all the changes in store.

“We have architects out right now,” superintendent Matt Massey said. “We are focused on looking at things and options for what we have planned.”

Things and options that include the addition of a 650 seat auditorium, additional classrooms, redesigning parking and traffic flow in and out of lots, the possibility of improving the track facilities, a new band room and much-needed renovations to the cafeteria.

While each change holds its own importance on campus in terms of needs, a select will benefit the entire community and open doors to new opportunities. Improving the track to the standard requirements needed to host a meet would make it the only one in the Madison County school system.

“The idea of a turf field and track allows all types of people to use it,” principal Chris Shaw said. “Not only can it be used by the high school but youth leagues and feeder middle schools could as well.”

Even with five different waves, the daily occurrence of buying a lunch can be a hassle. By building an auditorium the stage, or as Shaw calls it the “cafetorium”, the aspect of the cafeteria can be eliminated, providing room for additional tables as well as the option to reroute serving lines. Going from five lunches to four takes away some complications.

“There is so much going on we obviously cannot do it all at once,” Massey said.  “The top to bottom of the list will probably take a year to a year and a half.”

Dirt is expected to be begin being moved within three to four months working in phases from least impactful to most. Exact plans and times are still uncertain but Massey remains hopeful every need will be met.

“The campus will match the excellence that the students and faculty here have achieved,” Massey said. “Sparkman will be a campus everyone can be proud of.”

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