AP Testing Moved To Church

May 7, 2018

As the end of the school year speedily approaches, Advanced Placement testing also looms above AP students heads. As per usual, tests will start at 8 a.m. and 11:30 a.m for afternoon testing and all the usual testing rules will apply, but this year students will be traveling offsite to take these crucial tests in the hopes of improving success rates.

This year’s AP tests will be held at Willowbrook Church, 446 Jeff Road, and students will be solely responsible for transportation to and from the testing site and must arrive no later than 15 minutes before their test is scheduled to start in order to take the test. Information pertaining to the exact details of students responsibilities and what to do in case of two tests in one day was provided to students through paper handouts that had to be returned to the office.

With such a large change to the former way of holding the tests come some logistical problems that administrators such as Assistant Principal Marcia McCants have been valiantly working through. The first was to find the perfect location to move the testing to. Having to factor in space, scheduling and proximity, McCants visited numerous locations searching for one that would best fit the students’ needs. One of the other candidates was the Monrovia Recreation Center, but it did not allow for every test to be held at the same location, which is a requirement from College Board, effectively eliminating the closer option. However, McCants feels that Willowbrook is a great location for the test.

“They do still have regular activities on their campus, and they were the most willing to change their schedule to accommodate us. We also have several students and teachers that attend Willowbrook and I think that helps with their willingness. Whatever we needed they said ‘we can do it’; they really want the students to be successful,” McCants said.

The decision to move from gym two to Willowbrook came out of a want for improvement rather than necessity. Superintendent Matt Massey has set a theme and motto for the school system to ‘Be Bold’, and the administrators took that challenge to try to improve the way they set up things like AP testing while always trying to do their best by the students. The administrators also talked to the AP teachers to make these decisions.

“I understand why they want to move location. My first thought was about transportation and how we would make that happen. However, I can see it being less disruptive for the test taker because even though we try to corner them off, there is still noise,” AP English teacher Ashley Fitch said. “Anytime we get that many teenage drivers going from one place to another like this there is a concern.”

However, despite these concerns, the administrators believe it is worth taking this chance in order to improve test scores and overall feeling of taking the test. If the logistics are manageable, there is a possibility that this trend of moving locations make continue, but it is all based on the student’s scores and experiences.

“With the setting change its kinda like you are away from school so you don’t have to think about things going on at school and you can just focus on the test,” McCants said. “I think that would be a great thing, but before we decide what we will do next year Its all gonna depend on scores, and also how the students feel about the testing environment.”


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