Softball Team Donates Shoes For Hati

February 8, 2018

Senior  Camryn Shields has traveled to Haiti with her church family during the summer for three years. This year she arrived with gifts.

Shields convinced her friends to donate shoes to the citizens of Haiti. The softball team themselves donated shirts.

“I was trying to figure out how I could get the softball team involved,” Shields said.

Shields decided on the idea when she saw several of her Haitian friends walking around without shoes. It was a sight that broke her her heart and she knew she was capable of making a difference. The shoes were then decorated with inspirational messages.

“The donations were great, but we just wanted to go a little deeper and decorate them with verses and words of truth and encouragement,” Shields said. “That way whoever was on the receiving end would know the real, deeper reason why we want them to have those shoes.”

Senior Taylor Davis, a teammate of Shields, thought it was a great idea to do for someone who can not do those things for themselves.

“We really just wanted to give them a chance to have something that we take for granted everyday,” Davis said.

Shields also asked several people outside of the softball team to write letters to those in Haiti. She received 183 letters from places such as Girls State, Governor’s school and her church. She passed them out to the children and adults there in Haiti. The letters encased something about the writer and a little encouragement for those receiving the letter.

“My Haitian friends literally lit up when they read the letters,” Shields said. “Many got to write back, this helped them with their english. Two got sponsored while one of them gave their life to Christ.”

Shields plans to go back to Haiti this December bearing more gifts. More personalized letters and gifts can be sent by those who want to give. Donation packages filled with things such as peanut butter, socks and hygiene products.

“In Haiti we are trying to establish deeper relationships built on love and truth with our Haitian friends,” Shields said. “This way of giving created relationships across the 1500 miles that separate us and let the kids, translators, teachers and adults know that they have a friend in the states who is thinking and praying for them.”


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