Gilder Lehrman Offers Graduation Cords

January 30, 2018

Gilder Lehrman is a non-profit institute of American history. Ninth through twelfth grade students have the opportunity to take three of these courses. If all three courses are completed, the student will receive a cord to wear during their graduation ceremony.

Senior Kameron Purinton has completed all three courses and will receive the cord for graduation. Purinton actually went to GL teacher, Erin Coggins, to suggest that students who complete the three classes get a cord for recognition.

“I am honored to have the opportunity to wear the Gilder Lehrman cord during the graduation ceremony” Purington said. “It strongly represents my love for history as well as the classes”.

Ninth grade students can take the Founding Fathers course which is the first of the three courses offered in the Madison County school system. This course takes an in-depth journey through the foundation of American and how the founding fathers had an impact on the United States.

“The Gilder Lehrman courses allow students to stay on one or two topics throughout the course” teacher Erin Coggins said. “These classes offer more in-depth study of important time periods and wars throughout history.”

Once students are in high school they have the opportunity to take two more of the Gilder Lehrman courses. The first class is Great Wars, and the second is The Cold War. In Great Wars, students do a brief study of World War I and spend around 12 weeks learning about the battles as well as the impact of World War II. After completing the Great Wars course, students may move on to the Cold War class. Students in Cold War will learn about the times of the Civil War all the way to the present. Present day politics are a great discussion topic throughout the duration of the class.

“I enjoyed the in depth studies”, Purinton said “With my love for history, these classes were great for earning a better understanding of the important wars”.


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