History Club Honors Vets in Annual Program

Specialist Tammy Johnson addresses the student body about her experiences in Desert Shield.

Tina Reid

Specialist Tammy Johnson addresses the student body about her experiences in Desert Shield.


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The history club hosted its annual Veterans Day assembly for the student body.
With Veterans Day falling on the tenth, it is important for the students to understand why they were missing school that day. The assembly commemorated the sacrifices of three veterans. Henry Hovezak, a World War I veteran, Tammy Johnson and even the school’s very own First Sergeant Walter Jones.

“It’s great that you are able to be out of school and sleep late,” history club advisor Erin Coggins said. “We just want you to please be mindful that there is someone out there fighting to have that right and that safety to sleep.”

The choir department welcomed the assembly with the singing of the national anthem while a slideshow of all veterans or active members that had family throughout the school played. Midway through they recognized each branch of the military with a piece titled “Salute to the Armed Forces” arranged by Camp Kirkland.

“We were honored to be asked to perform,” choir director David Giambrone said. “To be able to do our part by singing and to let that be our way of saying thank you was very humbling.”

Specialist Tammy Johnson, being the speaker of the day, shared stories of the time she spent in the military. Gaining her love for the freedom of her country in JROTC, Johnson enlisted right after graduating high school.

“I did have a college scholarship,” Johnson said. “I just felt that I couldn’t lead unless I understood how the enlisted felt.”

Johnson discussed the trials she went through in the military. Such as carrying equipment that weighed almost as much as her only to teach a lesson. Johnson also told the time of when she was mistaken for a boy named “Tommy” and was sent on an infantry with all guys.

“I want you all to know that if you work hard, and you do what it takes, you’re gonna succeed.” Johnson said. “You may not get to the level you think you should be at but you’re going to succeed.”

The assembly was ended by the playing of “Taps” by sophomore Samuel Wilson. This served as remembrance of all fallen soldiers.

“We are so honored that we can do this to honor our veterans,” Coggins said.

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