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SGA Trunk or Treat

November 1, 2017

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SGA Trunk or Treat

SGA has been hosting trunk or treat for two years now. Last year they did trunk or treat as fundraiser and charged money, but this year it was a free community event.  

“I think it’s important for us to connect with our elementary students and other people within the community to reach out and back to the community,” Ashly Johnston SGA’s lead sponsor said.

It took SGA a lot of time to help coordinate this event. They started planning it about six weeks ahead of the date. SGA members collected two months worth of candy for this event and stacked up service points at the same time.   

“We had a contact the food trucks to make sure they’re were coming and get them here. We had to get all the people who wanted to decorate their trunks to make sure we had enough of them. We have to order the inflatables. We had to scout the location to make sure power outlets and all that to plug them in,” Johnston said, “We had to get people with sound equipment and the speaker system. Buy the candy. We have to get someone to keep track of the people who are here. And judge the cars. We have to do to make sure everything is where it supposed to be.”

SGA had a bigger turnout this year than last year. According to Ashley Fitch SGA’s other lead sponsor said the biggest difference between this year and last year was that pairing up with Refuge Church which helped SGA out a lot.  

“We had a much bigger turnout and a lot of support. And a lot more candy, it took some of the burden off SGA financially to partner with them.” Fitch said

Johntson mentions that her favorite part about the whole event is seeing her children play and have fun at “mommys school”. Fitch also said that the best part for her is seeing all the kids and giving back to the community because these elementary students will be Sparkman student in the future. There was a contest that was going on during the whole trunk or treat night.

“They come up with the designs. We partnered with Refuge Church so it’s half of our people and half of theirs. There is (a contest). We are going to give out a $50 card for best overall and most original. We cannot say (who the judge is). (It’s) anonymous but someone who has no affiliation to our school so they don’t know anybody and can’t play favorites. They say what they like and that’s that.” Johnston said.


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