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English Teacher Takes Over Library

May 25, 2017

The library is the heart of every school and is one of the central-hubs of any enterprise of education. It provides experience and exploration beyond the classroom if implemented correctly and if it can bring the crowd.

With the retirement of the previous librarian, Lynne Pressley, a successor has been chosen in experienced staff member Crys Hodgens. Known for her role as an articulate AP English teacher and critical thinker, Hodgens has gone towards a different route for enhancing the student experience.

“The number one indicator of literacy in a school is a strong library. There is a need for support in school libraries and I feel strongly in supporting teachers in their endeavors with their kids,”  Hodgens said. “My first year [of] teaching I was at Bob Jones and I could not have survived that first year without the librarians. I wanted to bring the same to the table.”

With a new librarian and a new way of innovating being such a key portion of our school, changes can be expected to sweep through the library in the effort to make it more compatible with the school’s needs.

“The collection is dated, so this will be a priority for me. I want to bring in relevant materials. A main struggle with school libraries is keeping the collection as up-to-date as needed, most especially in science and technology, because society is moving so fast in those two areas,” Hodgens said. “I also want to re-arrange the library so I can accommodate more than one activity at a time, so this is something I am working on now. I want to create a positive atmosphere, so I plan to decorate it so [that] when anyone walks in, they get a positive vibe right away. I want people to know the library is the heart of the school.”

Orchestrating the heart of the school requires a powerful sense of direction and an even better plan to implement accordingly. The task holds with it a keen understanding of what people want and how to centralize those ideas.

The truth is that libraries are about information, about literacy, about supporting the curriculum in the building. These can be accomplished with books as much as with tech. With that said, the studies show that people still love books. My experience is that if I can put a book in someone’s hands at that moment I am talking about it, they will take it. So I want to bring a book-centric culture back to Sparkman,” Hodgens said. “I am looking at the data. What is being used. What is not being used. What is dated? What needs to be replaced? What is worth our money to spend on. What are kids reading?”

For certain the library will undergo plenty of changes soon with a new direction. The heart of the school will continue pumping for a long time to come and generously go through its numerous updates and changes to attract more people to it as a crowning jewel of experience and education.

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