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New History Teacher Opens Up About New Job

Hailey McDuffie

Hailey McDuffie

Hailey McDuffie

New History Teacher Opens Up About New Job

Teachers are an important part of a school environment, and they can make or break how well a school succeeds. History teacher Bobby Dolan recently joined the faculty and tells all about his experiences with this new job opportunity. 


Q: Have you taught at other schools? If so, how long have you been teaching for?


A: “I have never taught at the high school level. I taught as a graduate assistant at the University of North Alabama.”


Q: Why did you decide to take a career in teaching?


A: “I have an interest in history and I feel that it is important for students to understand where everything really started in the world.”


Q: What made you start teaching at Sparkman?


A: “It was the first job that was offered to me and I have heard good things about Sparkman and the community as a whole.”


Q: Describe your favorite thing about teaching. 


A: “My favorite thing is that I get to know my students in a different environment than the average person.”


Q: What have you learned so far while teaching here at Sparkman?


A: “I started off feeling intimidated by the size of the school, but I quickly realized that the students are the same no matter the size of the school.”


Q: Do you have an inspiration for teaching?


A: “My eighth grade history teacher because she made the class interesting for all students, even when we all learned differently. I am working to be as good as she was for me.”


Q: What makes Sparkman stand out compared to other schools? 


A: “It is very similar to a melting pot in that there are so many different people which provides for a lot of different opportunities for everyone.”


Q: How do you keep students engaged and connected?


A: “I try to stay away from long lectures and I connect historical events to modern times that my students can relate to.”

Q: What topic are you looking forward to covering in class and why?


A: “I am looking forward to covering the Constitution so that I can make sure students know their rights and how they can be used in the real world.”


Q: Why is teaching so important to you?


A: “It is important to make sure students have the ability to be good citizens that can successfully contribute to society.”


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