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TOP 10: Places To Take Prom Photos

As prom approaches there are many steps that go into it. Whether it is what dress you are going to wear, what suit, what shoes, or where you are going to eat. However, the most important plan is how you are going to remember it, and the best way to remember prom is by taking pictures. So here are the top 10 places to take prom pictures.

1.Downtown Huntsville
If you want a variety of different backgrounds for your pictures, downtown Huntsville is the place to go. With different beautiful buildings, it offers plenty of spots for you to strike a pose and snap a picture. Allowing you to have an abundance of different pictures.

2. The Botanical Gardens
If you are more of a nature person then the Botanical Garden is a great place to go. This site offers a beautiful scenery of flowers and plants to really add that vibrant color of spring into your photos. However, there is an entry fee for this site, but if you think it is worth it to get great pictures, this is the place for you.

3. Big Spring Park
Although Big Spring Park is a very popular place to take pictures, it is popular for a reason. If you are going for a more simple look for your photos but still want that touch of nature this is a great place to go. It also allows many different spots for you to strike a pose. Whether it be on the red bridge, under the trees or in front of the water.

4. Monte Sano Mountain
Again, if you are looking for a nature theme to your photos, this site offers a very green look to your photos. Along with an amazing view to add to the background.

5. Green Mountain
This site offers another way to add the green to your photos with a more forest filled background. Beware though, as you can get long dresses dirty if the weather has been rainy.

6. Adtran
This site offers a large pond and a bridge for couples to pose together, allowing for a simple yet pretty background.

7.Downtown Madison
This site offers a beautiful white gazebo for friends and couples to pose with a touch of nature in the background. There are also some pretty older buildings, like the new Holtz Leather, that could be a cool backdrop.

8. Providence
This site offers a beautiful background for pictures with its modern look and beautiful brick walkways and lights.

9. Bridge Street
Another place for those who are looking for a simple background is Bridge Street. There is an essence of nature and the bridge overlooking the pond as well as the carousal are great photo backdrops.

10. Stove House
When you have a nice venue for prom, there’s no reason why you can’t take pictures there. If pictures are not really on your list of important things for prom, you can always get great last- minute pictures at the venue. Stove House offers a beautiful background especially at night with the lights strung up and may be even nicer with the prom decor.

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