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Video Games Or Board Games?

November 8, 2022

Pro : Video Games

Video Games are I find to be more fun than board games. Video Games open up my imagination and board games fail to do so. There is also more variety that is offered. Where there are a limited amount of board games there are hundreds of thousands of video games to choose from.

New video games are made each year, each time with better quality and graphics. Board games on the other hand keep the same visual look and same papery, plastic feel.

Video games take the imagination and make it playable. Video games like Dead By Daylight and Tomb Raider offer a sense of adventure that cannot be found in board games.

Video games are unique in the fact that they give an experience like no other. Rather than play the same board game over and over I could play a video game and then immediately switch to another if I feel like it.

Video games allow me to see things in an extremely detailed and unique view. The detail to eye in video games is more interesting than a simple dice roll or card pull. There are an infinite amount of ways to play video games and experience them to their fullest extent.

Yeah, I could play a board game about monopolies or trying to find the clues to who the killer really is but I would much rather enjoy a game about exploration and adventure with an amazing, detailed interactive environment.

I love a good board game but they will never amount to the same amount of enjoyment that video games bring me. The difference between the two is huge. Video games are technologically created for the use and enjoyment of people. Board games are made for the same purpose but don’t have the same click to me that video games do. Some people say board games are good for your brain but the same can be said for video games. Video games can bring out more artistic and creative mindsets in people like myself that board games can never do.

By the end of a video game I am ready to meet the final conclusion. At the end of a board game, I am usually bored.

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Pro : Board Games

While video games can be entertaining and can help people learn hand eye coordination they are also extremely addictive and can increase the chance of bad eyesight. Which is why board games are better. 

I do agree that a person who plays board games can achieve the same amount of socialization as a person playing video games, however when playing video games as a group the game will most likely be played all online and not at all in person. Playing board games requires people to get together and socialize as a group. Board games can bring people together, playing board games as a group can allow people to talk and laugh and actually spend time with one another in an actual real life setting instead of sitting on your couch, bed, or office chair sitting in an uncomfortable position for hours on end and ruining your eyesight. 

Board games can teach the brain how to do things like focusing and paying attention. Which can be used for good during activities like sports, school, and even work. Unlike board games, video games can become extremely costly. Most video games require updates or extra things the game will trick the player into buying. 

Most video games are more strict on age. A lot of video games are set toward a certain age demographic. A person who played a video game when they were five will not want to play that same video game when they get older if it was made for those five year old kids. But board games have such a wide variety of  game options that can be played by any person of any age for example the popular board game, “sorry,” doesn’t only have to be played by little kids it can also be played by older kids or adults

Board games can be played for years and never break, never have to be updated, and never have to be renewed. 

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