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Series Trilogy Leaves Audince With No Page Unturned

February 27, 2019

In Manoj Nelliyattu Shyamalan’s third edition to the series that takes a twisted turn on superheros, we are greeted with the recurring characters of the previous two titles, ‘Unbreakable’ and box office hit ‘Split’. In ‘Glass’, Shyamalan takes the full control of his two, alternately displayed superhero films for an epic showdown trilogy that leaves old fans of the 2000 hit “Unbreakable” and 2016’s “Split”.

Series star David Dunn, portrayed by Golden Globe and Emmy award winning actor Bruce Willis was quickly thrown back into the mix of an otherwise peculiar character. A regular man who was involved in a train crash discovers his super powers of not being able to be hurt and attaining super strength after being the only one to survive the tragedy. Though opting out of the tight spandex and cape, Willis’ character (David Dunn) elects to wear a dark blue poncho as his cover of disguise.

Another returning character, series supervillain Elijah Prince (portrayed by Samuel L.Jackson) or his frequently used montra “Mr. Glass”. Though not having real super powers besides his brain, which he uses to out smart dozens of people throughout the film and proceed with his master plan. While he has more disabilities than powers, possessing the osteogenesis imperfecta disease which makes his bones brittle to the point of contact will cause a fracture or break.

Finally, major character Kevin Wendell Crumb (portrayed by James McAvoy) who received his own standalone film in the series to set up his role in the 2018 series finale. As a otherwise regular man who struggles with multiple personalities disorder and cannot control ‘the light’ in which controls the personality his human body displays. With dozens of personalities in his head, deemed ‘The Horde’ caused by the abuse of his mother and death of his father when he was a child, They all have mixed emotions on the demon inside they refer to as ‘The Beast’ who is played excellently by McAvoy. The presentation of Crumb in “Unbreakable” is the perfect display of an innocent man turned villain due to dealing with uncontrollable demons.

At the end of the movie, after going through several fast paced action scenes and a long, slow, psychosomatic process built to fully understand and unravel the mysteries of the backstories from both movies, we are left with nearly no questions unanswered in the alternative superhero movie that tries to do just a little to much. The film in no means is a bad movie if you are a casual fan of the genre or the series but for the highly perceptive fans it can seem like a that tried to do a little too much without enough to build off of in an hour and 47 minutes.

Shyamalan did a fantastic job of finishing the film on a closing note but for the fans of the series this could be a red flag as it left little to know hope of a fourth edition to the titles. Keeping true to the nature of being different, Unbreakable did its job to deliver a title that is different and perfectly answered almost any question. A back and forth film left the movie with a 7/10 rating but a perfect ending to a mysterious series with over 18 years of longevity.


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