Beloved YouTuber Makes Transition From Video To Music

February 27, 2019

Beloved YouTube comedian George Miller, who is also known as Filthy Frank, disappeared off of the internet on January 1,2018. Although he left 6.5 million fans in the dirt, he made up for this by kick starting his serious music career.

Miller had made one album and one single under the name “Pink Guy” but he had not yet made music that he wanted to listen to. Miller quit YouTube in order to get his life together and start focusing on more important things. His YouTube channel featured him and his friends doing gross things and making crude and offensive jokes.

Since he had done so many wild things, going as far as to wrap dead baby rats in a tortilla, he had to quit his career in order to get his mind in the right place. When he quit the Filthy Frank channel, his fans were shocked and almost offended in a way, but they had a pleasant surprise when he came out with a new album last October.

Miller had a few hit songs from his album “BALLADS 1,” one of them being “SLOW DANCING IN THE DARK” which has been covered numerous times by other people on YouTube. He has found a new fame through his music by the name Joji and he is now writing music that he, and his fans, are happy to hear.

Going from insanely offensive humor to writing R&B seems to be nearly impossible to do, but Miller is able to pull it off well and make his fans content with new content.

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