Red Dead Redemption 2 Review

November 7, 2018

In Rockstar Games 40th franchise title and the fourth installment in the ‘Red Dead’ series, it promised to bring the most lively and open video game experience in history. While opinions vary on the statements made of the game, Rockstar did deliver on its promise to make ‘Red Dead Redemption: 2’ the largest video game in history.

Without factoring in upcoming downloadable content and the multiplayer feature coming in the following months, the game topped previous holder, Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare with 70 gigabytes (GB),  with a whopping 88.57 GB in file size. To put that into perspective, a base Xbox One console comes with 500 GB which means that downloading this game and factoring in the upcoming features, you will use 1/5th on your consoles total standalone storage. So that poses the question, with the ginormous file size and the $59.99 price tag, is it worth it?

Well, a question like that will forever be unanswerable and the opinion of the people must determine the worth of it for you. There are some takeaways that people dislike from the title. The games main story alone has taken a recorded low on 51 Hours to complete. Another thing that some modern fans may find tedious is that, well the game takes place in 1899 which means no cars! You are forced to take other modes of transportation from end to end of the map whether it be by train, station wagon or the most famous way, your horse.

Though the game may appear slow or have its dull and boring moments, it does offer something that a good amount of players love, action and story. The Long story can drag out with some players but with others, it offers a chance to form a bond with the use or storyline and personality effects. You have the ability to control almost everything about your character, Arthur Morgan, with aspect going as far as having to wait a lifetime for him to grow facial and head hair. The game does offer a realistic and though slow, immersive experience that any basic gamer can enjoy with the use of time. If you are looking for a story to invest hours of your life into then this game is for you. If you can’t find the space or aren’t looking for consumption and investment, go with a smaller and overall lighter title.

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