Atypical, Back For A Second Season

October 1, 2018

Atypical is about a teenage boy named Sam in high school who was diagnosed with autism when he was four. The show goes through his life at home and at school. Dealing with bullies and being betrayed by his own mother. Bullies find a way to make fun of the effects of his autism and his family faces a challenge that they believe they will never overcome.

People who are affected by autism have trouble communicating effectively and forming relationships. Sam, however, is able to become close friends with Zahid and Paige. He is very open and honest with them. These relationships are portrayed very well on the show. Although Sam does suffer from autism it is showed that he is capable of having good relationships with people regardless of his diagnosis.

Sam has one younger sister who often acts as his protector in the show. That is until she transfers to a different school. Sam is left to fend for himself in the sometimes harsh public school. He is taken advantage of and called different names such as “freak” and “weird”. Although he faces these issues with bullies at his school and gets highly anxious in his social surroundings, Sam is strong enough to find a way to calm himself and even uses different techniques to relax his anxiety, such as saying the different types of penguins.

Later on, in the show, the family starts to go through a life-changing issue. When Sam finds out the problem, he doesn’t know how to feel at first. He is confused as to whether to mad at his mother or just upset. With these conflicting feelings, living in a house mad at his mother and his often hard school life, he still manages to get through his day without letting his autism getting the better of him.

There are many people who don’t understand how to handle people who deal with autism or any other conditions like it. Sam, out wandering the streets because of his autism and having a hard time calming down and communicating correctly, gets stopped by a police officer. The officer not understanding his condition arrest Zahid, who arrived later in the situation, and Sam.

Atypical is a great show that features ups and downs that a teen with autism might go through at home, at school and even out in the real world. Atypical shows that anyone who has this condition is capable of beating the odds no matter what they face on a day to day basis. Sam even gets into a college. Just because a person is diagnosed with a condition that is described to hold one back doesn’t mean that person isn’t able to prevail. Atypical does a great job of showing that.


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