Wallet Protects Against Identity Theft, Criminal Activity

September 27, 2018

From holographic phones, wristbands that serve as breathalyzers and even “smart” glasses, 2018 has been the year of multiple forms of new technology. While many of the new devices are not accessible to the general public, one device, in particular, is overlooked in stores but serves a great purpose: the RFID Wallet.

The Radio Frequency Identification Wallet looks like a normal wallet, but consists of materials made to prevent credit card, passport, and driver’s license scanning. More advanced forms of identification and payment are embedded with radio frequency chips that can be potentially scanned without the victim noticing. Evolved criminals can walk by a person with a “normal” wallet and scan their information without the person realizing that their information has been stolen. It is as simple as a photograph being taken of someone in public with the sound off. The information scanned can be used for identity theft or to purchase things online with someone’s credit card number.

Certain retailers sell these wallets in stores as well as on eBay for under 12 dollars. The wallet is accessible, useful, and as protective as having a safe in your room. As far as fashion goes, the RFID wallet has a leather look that comes in a variety of colors. There are slender women’s wallets as well as manlier men’s passport holders. The leather has unseen wire and fiber inside of it in order to protect the materials inside.

The RFID wallet is stylish, functional, and for a small price can potentially save someone money in the long run. While the independent testing results are limited, the idea and technology behind the wallet claim to be reliable.

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