Shaggy's is a great place to get tacos and burgers for under $10.

Brody Wallace

Cheap Eats Prevail in Huntsville

September 11, 2018

Teenagers are always on a budget and sometimes eating out does not fit into that budget. The Crimson Crier went on a mission to find the best restaurants where students can have a meal under $10.

1. Cook Out
Even though Cook Out may be a chain restaurant, the food served here would be best related to ballpark food. I ordered a cheeseburger, quesadilla, fries and a drink for only $5. On top of that when I had ordered I got my food I got it almost immediately. With the food also being amazing, I had to put Cook Out at number one.
2. El Paso
With prices low and amazing customer service, this is a great place to go to get a bite to eat. The food is awesome and had an abundance of choices. I had sifted through the menu and ordered the “burrito real” which came with a chicken or beef burrito covered in red sauce or queso and Mexican rice with refried bean for a steal of $7.
3. Johnny Gryll’s
Even though not everything on the menu is under $10, you still won’t have to dig out the extra change sitting in your car to have a good meal. With their classic Cajun fries, amazing burgers and out-of-this-world wings, this should be a go-to restaurant every time.
4. Shaggy’s
If you have not had Shaggy’s yet you need to go now, and I mean now. After ordering a soft taco and quesadilla, I was delighted with the taste and quality of food. And I only spent $8. And they serve everything, from burgers to tacos to pancakes.
5. Taqueria El Cazador
Everything here comes in plentiful portions and is cheap, so if you want authentic Mexican cuisine, this would be the best choice. I had got a burrito for $6. Even though it did not come with any sides, the burrito filled me up.
6. Tenders!
After visiting Tenders! I came to the conclusion that if i ever craved chicken I would drive there immediately and order the “Big Daddy”. Which came with six tenders, fries, Texas toast, coleslaw and a choice of two sauces for only $8. So then ask yourself. Why haven’t you gone to Tenders!?
7. Stevi B’s Pizza Buffet
The pizza is great, the salad is awesome and it is relatively cheap. It also has an arcade, so you can waste some time. With the selection of pizzas rotating constantly, you never and get the same experience ever time. I piled my plate up high with pizzas ranging from classic cheese to mac and cheese pizza. And this included the soda fountain. With a price of only $7, it is a great restaurant to visit.

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