Pros And Cons Of Cellphone Usage In The Classroom

August 24, 2018

When it comes to cell phone usage during class, peoples opinions vary. Some are tech savvy and love using their devices whenever they can. Others do not condone the use of cell phones while others are neutral on the situation.

“I think as long as there’s a balance and your not just on it all the time,” sophomore Blake Westmoreland said. “If you have an unhealthy balance it’s not good but if you have a healthy balance and get done what you need to get done I think it’s okay.”

Teachers and students alike view cell phone use in class as both beneficial and negative. Teachers give responsibility to their students for their cell phone use. Not having balance in-class time can be the downfall of students academic success.

“If it’s too much of a distraction and their grades fall, I will tell them to put it up,” math teacher Josh Moore said. “I think it is better than you learn responsibility.”`

Many positives come along with using your cell phone in class. Using your device for academic reasons such as studying or doing a quiz or simply using it to learn is the best cell phone-class time relationship.

“You’re always reading different things,” Westmoreland said. “You’re learning and reading all of this, seeing different pictures from different people.”

It is far from impossible to find success in class when using a cell phone. Teachers and students alike would like to intertwine cell phone and work online, The future of learning, versus the traditional style of work.

“Most people like to do their stuff (online), they don’t have to carry a book around,” Moore said. “Paper will always be necessary but it will not be as much that you have to turn in and keep up with it.”


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