School Supplies You Actually Need

August 7, 2018

Back to school shopping. Students get overly excited by YouTube videos and ads featuring the newest stationary to hit the shelves this school year. After watching countless videos, they make their way to school supply shops, grabbing anything and everything that they can get their hands on and put it into their cart. The “School Supply Pack,” a box filled with the necessary supplies needed for the year that a parent purchases from the school, is no longer available when the student moves on to secondary school. This leaves the opportunity for items ending up in the cart that are completely unnecessary. Students go to stationary stores to purchase the supplies they need, as well as some that they do not. Here is a list of supplies that a student actually needs to prepare and succeed in what high school has to offer them, along with a list of a few things that they will definitely not need:


A High-Quality Binder:

A high-quality binder is definitely a must-have for high school. Every student has a different way that they organize their schoolwork, but a general area where all work is kept is the way to go. A student cannot have papers in one folder, handouts in another and their homework floating around somewhere in their backpack or desk at home.

Teachers may ask students to have an individual binder for their classroom, which might work for some students, but some could misplace their schoolwork in another class’s binder with that method. If everything is kept in the same place, a single binder, there is no way for it to be lost.

One binder that is popular today is the Staples Better Binder. This binder has helpful features: a clear, plastic pocket on the spine of the binder with white insertable tabs for students to write their name or subjects on, a D-ring that holds more papers than the average binder that is placed on the inside, back cover so pages lay flat, as well as not move when the binder opens and closes and a poly envelope placed where the normal page pocket would be on the inside, front cover.

Reinforced Loose Leaf Paper:

This is a requirement for most teachers. They do not need to be bothered with torn edges of spiral notebook paper or missing words on a piece of paper ripped from a composition notebook. Loose leaf paper is preferred, but reinforced loose leaf paper is even better. The holes in normal loose leaf paper can end up tearing and leave the sheet falling to the ground or being forgotten at the bottom of a backpack. No one wants that, it could cost them their grade.

A Scientific Calculator:

In elementary and middle school, a basic four-function calculator is what most children use, but high school requires a more advanced device: the scientific calculator. One can do problems of science, mathematics and even engineering with a scientific calculator.


When walking down the hallway and during the time students are completing their individual work students are allowed to listen to music. Classwork may sometimes even require one to have their own earbuds to listen to instructional videos or podcasts. Who wants to be the person asking someone else to borrow their earbuds?

A High-Quality Backpack:

This one is a no-brainer. To carry textbooks, binders and stationery that one uses on a daily basis at school and home, a high-quality backpack is a necessity. Compartments and pockets are great for organizing the different types of school supplies that students have, but the straps of the bag are the most important part. Thick, strong backpack straps are needed to prevent strain on the student’s back from carrying such a heavy load as well as to keep the straps from breaking.

A Planner:

Keeping up with due dates for homework and projects, club meeting dates and extracurricular activities is one of the hardest things a student must do in their school career.  A planner is the simplest answer to this problem. When purchasing a planner, one should look for monthly layouts, weekly layouts and a section for notes.


Here are some things that one will not need to succeed in high school:


Colored Pencils, Markers and Crayons: Teachers provide these when they are needed to complete a classroom assignment.

Assorted Highlighters: Only one highlighter is needed to highlight reminders in a planner and important notes in the classroom. If more than one color of the highlighter is needed, one could borrow one from a friend, both students would then have two colors.

Glue Sticks: Most of the time, high school students do not need glue sticks unless they are taking an art class. If a class project requires one, the teacher may provide one to the students or the student could borrow one from the art teacher.

Scissors and Staplers: Teachers will definitely have both of these school supply items, they need them to complete their work. If one asks for permission, the teacher will be happy to allow the use of their scissors or stapler.

In the end, what is needed for each classroom is what the teacher requires. What the student does with those requirements, is up to the student. It is their responsibility to keep themselves organized and successful throughout the school year.


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