The Evolution Of Eyebrows

May 23, 2018

Eyebrows are one of the most, if not the most, prominent features on a person’s face. They used to be a simple thing, but as time has gone on, eyebrow trends have only gotten crazier.


During the 50’s, eyebrows were drawn on, and it is easily noticeable if pictures are zoomed in. They were thicker, much better than some of the “twigs” from earlier decades, and more wide-set, which gave the illusion of doll eyes and slimmer noses. Although some trends held a rounded arch during the 50’s, it was common to see a strong arch.



The twigs made a comeback during this time period, and many models began showing them off — like Twiggy. It was known as a bold move and girls no longer wanted soft pastel makeup. Eyebrows were long and thin and became the new definition of beautiful.



The twigs were still trending but a little something was added to the beginning of them. Some people who lived during the 70’s still wear these brows today. These brows were just like the 60’s except they began with little squared-off nubs and the long, thin end running behind it. Think of a tadpole, and that is what people wore on their faces.



Eyebrows finally got thicker but lost their arch. Bold was the new trend and this sort of set for where we are today. Brows were left natural and there wasn’t as much waxing done as there was in the decade before. Not many complaints here.



This was a living nightmare. They weren’t as thin as the twigs, but they were close. Arches were super high and almost touched hairlines. Imagine the lady from Shrek with the overly lined lips and mole. Horrendous, right? Luckily, people have moved past this and put it to bed.



There is not a big difference between these brows and today’s; they have only been improved. Brows were back to being short, with a strong arch and just powerful looking. As women pushed into more serious positions and really made a claim on the world, so did brows.



Things were going well for a while until people started to braid their eyebrows and make them into Christmas trees. Of course, that is all for fun and practice — hopefully — but it is still nonetheless downright weird. Brow tattoos are now a thing as well for a quick, on the go stamp. Those are not the main trend, however. Natural is. Little is done to the brow the majority of times and they are only filled in where hair is sparse, rather than being completely drawn on.


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