Best Mexican Restaurants In Huntsville

May 23, 2018

There are a variety of good spots to grab some Mexican food in the area, but some are better than others. As a lover of quality Mexican cuisine, I know all the best spots.


  1. Buenavista Mexican Cantina

Location- 8217 Highway 72 W, Madison AL

Yelp Review- 3 stars

TripAdvisor Review- 3.5 stars

Something to try here: Chicken and Rice

Buenavista has a vibrant look. The inside and outside areas look as visually appealing as any Mexican restaurant in Madison County. The salsa is above average and the food is good, not great. The food does not have the spice and violet flavors that make the Mexican cuisine so great. The service has been good each time I have visited. I would consider this food overpriced.


  1. Los Trojas Mexican Cantina

Location- 3750 Highway 53, Huntsville AL

Yelp Review- 3.5 stars

TripAdvisor Review- 4 stars

Something to try here- Angel Burrito


Los Trojas is in a slightly worse area than Buenavista but has an equally good looking interior. The salsa is below average, but the Angel Burrito might be the best dish ever made; it is a massive burrito filled with steak, chicken, shrimp and chorizo smothered in cheese dip. The service is always great here. I would consider this food to be slightly overpriced as well.


1.El Paso

Location- 8003 Highway 53, Toney AL

Yelp Review- 4 stars

TripAdvisor Review- 4.5 stars

Something to try here- Steak Nachos Grande


El Paso is definitely the best Mexican place in the area. While it is a small, under-decorated place in the middle of nowhere, it has the best food. The steak nachos are to die for, and they have the best salsa I’ve ever had. The service is usually good, and their prices are very fair.


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