Best Chicken Nuggets In Huntsville

May 15, 2018

Chicken Nuggets have always been the best go-to meal when you do not know what to order. Whether you are dining in or going through the drive-thru. Here is a list of the best chicken nuggets in Huntsville, rated from one to five stars.

McDonald’s – Although not many like McDonald’s their chicken nuggets are the best. They are not too hard or soft and the fried skin has just enough crunch. They are so good that you could eat them cold and still be satisfied.
Rating- 5/5

Wendy’s – Wendy’s seems to put their own touch on their nuggets. They do not have the crunch of McDonald’s but the soft and chewy feeling is just enough. These nuggets are best completed with Wendy’s sauce but they do not rely on it.
Rating- 4/5

Chick-Fil-A – Chick-Fil-A nuggets taste amazing but you do not get enough of them. Eight bite-size nuggets do not fulfill the taste of hunger. Plus you only get the full effect of the nuggets with sauce, they are not something that can be eaten alone.
Rating- 3/5

Burger King- These nuggets are at the bottom of my list. Reason being they are too soft and gooey. Unlike their chicken fries, Burger King’s nuggets do not offer enough flavor. It’s as if they are not seasoned at all.
Rating- 2/5

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