Panoply 2018

May 1, 2018

Panoply is one of the most popular art festivals in north Alabama. With big crowds comes a big fleet of volunteers and participants, a lot being in high school.

“This year I volunteered on Saturday and Sunday, Rebecca Brown said. On Saturday, I helped out the company, Urban Engines, with their life-size string art display. Later, I helped out as a greeter at the gate.”

Volunteering opportunities are easy to find especially when you are apart of an organization such as National Honor Society that encourages students to get out in the community and help others.

“On Sunday, I worked at the Puck’s Portals booth helping kids create fairy doors out of popsicle sticks. My favorite part of Panoply would probably be seeing all of the little kids running around enjoying themselves and participating in all of the fun crafts, Brown said.”

Along with volunteers, Panoply host various dance studios and has them performing sporadically during the weekend. The groups perform a wide variety of dance routines ranging from hip-hop to ballet.

“My studio and I performed on the Jubilee stage about seven times on Sunday. The dances were a mixture of hip-hop, contemporary and tap dances making for a very diverse group, Sydney Goggins said.

For numerous students, this was their last year being in town for Panoply. Whether it was for volunteering or performing it was a special and nostalgic weekend for most.

“What makes Panoply so fun is that you are with your friends after the performances and you just get to go around and check out all of the cool things they have to offer. This year I actually spent the time there with my mom and had just as much fun. I also got to get my favorite kettle corn, Goggins said.”


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