Senior Shares How She Discovered Her Career

January 30, 2018

Art can be expressed in numerous different ways, from drawing in a sketchbook to the creation of music. It also can be expressed through brushes and a palette, but instead of paint its makeup. Senior Whitney Cardo lived in Japan for six years and during that time, she explored the art of makeup.  

“My dad is military, army specifically, so our family was stationed in Japan, originally for 3 years then it extended another 3 years. I started off modeling about four years ago, as soon as the only two of the makeup artist I had left. My photographer had pushed into makeup by specially handing me makeup equipment and telling me that my first client was in two weeks. I had no idea how to use make up at the time,” Cardo said.

Cardo did not have any interest in doing makeup at first. She was influenced by her peers in middle school when she saw them doing makeup on themselves. This sparked her interest to see what the hype was about.    

“I started off looking like a raccoon coming out of the graveyard. I had very, very thick eyeliner and mascara. I tried to basic glamour makeup to school everyday. Which didn’t work out very well. So the first makeup that actually worked was horror. Anything having to do with SFX, that was the style of make up I learned how to do very well,” Cardo said.

When Cardo first started modeling four years ago she did not know what she was getting into. She thought she was going to be a model for cute gothic but that was not the case. In reality it was extremely scary gothic like horror.

“My first modeling gig was doing horror modeling. Almost like stop motion and acting out and taking a photo. That was the first modeling that I did and many people recommended to do it. I really liked it. I started doing makeup in 2016 for other people. When I first started, it just spread because I was already popular with modeling,” Cardo said. “So once the photographers I worked with knew that I could do modeling and can do makeup that kind of made myself more useful to them. So they know that they don’t have to hire makeup artist for me anymore. They don’t have any of those people. I could do it and I could do it for other people too. Instead of them trying to constantly look for somebody.”

Cardo’s favorite type of makeup is cosplay. She explains that Cosplay is costume and play put together. Role- playing as character. She mentions how she would do that a lot in Japan and she does not talk about it as much as she would want. But her family thing about makeup is the unrealistic to realistic aspects of it.  

“My favorite things about makeup is is different for anything, turning the unrealistic things to be realistic. So eyeballs coming out of the eye socket, just hanging, I thought it was really cool but it’s kind of nasty but it’s cool. But for glamour things, like I did go make up on other people, I love to do makeup on people. Especially glamour and seeing how happy they are with the results. Completely transforming somebody into somebody they are not,” Cardo said.

]Senior Elijah Torres is a close friend of Cardo. He mentions how how Cardo made him into a skull for Halloween. Also how he saw her do makeup to the theatre kids for the zombie play last fall.   

“It was almost in a way of doing art, on someone’s face. You don’t realize how complex it is when until you actually see it done. She has a great work ethic. She’s good with people. When the going gets rough and a mistake is made. It’s cool seeing her how she goes about handling it. Not only is she doing it to other people. But she’s also teaching it to other people. A lot of time mistakes were happening. She was needed but she was organized. She really knew what she was doing,” Torres said.

Cardo has a page on Facebook showing off her art. She mentions that is under the pseudonym ‘Katny’. The name originated because that is what people called her when she was in Japan as an entertainment name. Cardo mentions how she had more clients that she could ever count back in Japan. She was very well known and once got asked if she was famous. She plans on going into linguistics but make up with always be her side job.

“My pictures got out there really fast. Because I was very active I was in Tokyo, in the entertainment kind of stuff. People saw what I can do. Photographers or directors would message me to travel this distance so I could do makeup on them. I got name out there with my first photographer doing SFX effects. He would direct me to more photographer. And then those would direct to more. And then they would post my picture online. If you go into google and type in Whitney Cardo you would find everything. It just kind of spread like a fire I’d say it just spread really quickly” Cardo said.

Torres admires Cardo and her work. He has grown to appreciate the art of makeup and the effort behind all the long hours it takes to complete a look.

“She’s so creative when it comes down to her work and others. I realized that she comes up with titles. It’s nothing that you can just copy, she comes up with stuff that she just thinks of. She won’t do just a clown, she would do a special type of clown. Something that’s not seen before,” Torres said.


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